caitlin moran for style me pretty

01.15.2014 at 14:55

you can probably guess from the title of this post where we’re heading, but i have something kind of EXCITING to tell you!

my sweet friend, caitlin moran, who also happens to be the editorial director at glitter guide, recently got engaged (!!) and STYLE ME PRETTY decided to cover her as a blogger bride (!!!). this means she will be sharing her entire planning process all the way up to the wedding. i cannot even begin to tell you how ecstatically thrilled i was (i also felt like i was having an asthma attack) when she asked me (!!!) to shoot her first post for them. as often comes out of my mouth, holy moly. and, thank you!!

a few favorites to show the gorgeous mood of it all, but PLEASE, go take a look on style me pretty. congratulations, caitlin and austin!! lots of love!

mr-mrs-cocktail champagne-sparkle caitlin-engaged-champagne