five months

05.22.2015 at 13:20

every month sure is packed with change and transition this first year! we are currently phasing out swaddling as well as getting ready to start introducing solid foods (okay as of this morning’s pediatrician visit!)- really, where does the time go?!

yuu is also more active all around and i am definitely getting a preview of life with boys (someone decided they wanted to catapult themselves out of their swing this week.. !!). he is rolling over on both sides, comforts himself when sleepy by sucking his thumb, talking and shrieking louder than ever, obsesssssed with holding onto and nibbling his toes and loves grabbing onto ten ten- an ear, a leg (thankfully she’s the best dog ever and they are really good buddies so she just waits patiently for him to let go). i swear everything just gets cuter and cuter with this little guy (i know.. i’m biased. ;] ).

i find myself feeling as though it’s not just yuu hitting milestones, but myself and akira as well. the next major one for all of us will be traveling together. we have plans to visit akira’s family towards the end of the year; so, before we jump on that long, long flight (which i am so very nervous for), we would like to take a few small trips this summer just to practice and see what it’s like. speaking of, any tips for us? i’ve heard to make sure i breastfeed on takeoff and landing to help his ears adjust and to make sure to bring far more diapers than you would ever think you need, but otherwise, what do i need to know?? life-saving tips for me??

when reviewing images this time around, i couldn’t help staring at yuu’s face and it really hit me that we now have a baby-baby, not a little newborn anymore! he’s getting so big, so fast.


yuu’s romper: miki miette | chair: mamas & papas | duck storage container: ikea