four months

04.22.2015 at 07:35

springtime is here in full force and we couldn’t feel more cheery and upbeat about it. yuu and i have been heading out on some adventures with the stroller- walking to akira’s work in georgetown as well as to see the cherry blossoms a couple weeks ago at tidal basin (a 6 mile trek round trip from our home!). we’ve also gotten through the grocery store together a handful of times now with no trouble. i’m finally feeling a little more confident getting us out and about, but will definitely admit that i’m still very bashful about breastfeeding in public spaces; although, of course you have to do what you have to do.

new developments for yuu in the past month include having a strong grip on our hair (ouch!- i’m constantly wearing mine up these days), enjoying tummy time for much longer periods of time, rolling over from his side to his back and being more conscious and sensitive or shy to when a new person wants to hold him (i.e. crying). within the past few days his belly has become ticklish and he shrieks with laughter when i pretend to eat his tummy. it’s the best.

his sleep is also a little more reliable (thank goodness!). on a good night, i only have to wake up once. i will say though, that getting him off to bed in the evening is the most challenging part of our day (of course i type this while last night ended up being smooth and easy). i’ve tried the feed and bath routine, but that for whatever reason makes things trickier, he just wants to stay awake. he does best when i feed him and read a couple stories (and change a few diapers and wait for him to appear tired), but even after that he still tends to protest for a half hour or so. do you have kids?? what worked for you during these baby days? i try to be as consistent as possible.. i want bedtime to be a happy experience!

everything really feels so much easier compared with the newborn days though. akira mentioned this week that perhaps this is the easiest time of his whole life for us right now- he’s on a solid routine so we know what to expect, still isn’t mobile, doesn’t have much of an opinion on where we take him, etc. i naively want to believe it will all be sweet and wonderful for us, even those teenage years!, but he really might be right.

to follow, yuu and some ‘guests’ during tummy time.

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