nine months

09.23.2015 at 12:28

ideally this post would have gone live yesterday, but because of busy travel back to dc, it’s up today instead. two trips to the ocean this month have left us feeling more than spoiled. yuu can’t get enough of playing in the water and carefully studies the sand when left to sit on his own- how it feels squishing between his toes, holding it in his hand, eating it (!!). he’s also fearless and ready to explore, crawling everywhere and clutching onto anything he can get his hands on. he is much more resilient than the early days; he got by with minimal naps both days we took flights recently and albeit skipping naps made him extra sensitive, we really could not have asked for a better scenario.

spending the last days of summer visiting the very special and beautiful kiawah island (akira and i decided to make the trip and celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary) was a total treat. and the images taken there perfectly sum up just how interactive and entertaining yuu is currently.


yvonne-rock-photo-yuu-9-months-kiawah-island-sand-sitting yvonne-rock-photo-yuu-9-months-kiawah-island-happy-pure-free