one year

12.22.2015 at 06:46

since arriving in japan a few weeks ago, akira and i have watched yuu’s growth completely accelerate. he understands so many more words, is so much more comfortable around new people, only takes a single nap, stands up all on his own, and now he is one. what a year. we’re ready for time to slow down a little now! please tell us it will..

some photos of him while celebrating this past weekend- his wish came true before he even blew out the candles!

happy first birthday to our sweet boy.

yvonne-rock-photo-yuu-one-year-closeyvonne-rock-photo-yuu-one-year-peek yvonne-rock-photo-yuu-one-year-curiousyvonne-rock-photo-yuu-one-year-cake-touchyvonne-rock-photo-yuu-one-year-going-for-it