seven months

07.22.2015 at 09:24

i hear a lot of friends say this and i have to agree, every month gets more and more fun. yuu is so responsive to what’s around him- it’s so cool to see him understand specific words and phrases now (mommy, daddy, ten ten, are you hungry?, all done, milk, tubby, etc.). he currently has two teeth coming in at once (one top, one bottom)! physically he’s not crawling yet, but he loves clapping and he juuust started sitting up on his own; although, can’t hold it for much longer than it takes me to snap a photo yet.

ten ten and yuu are definitely developing a cute little friendship. they, without a doubt, love each other- ten ten is just waiting for yuu to learn how to be a little gentler with her. ;] she’s also training him to play with her. she’s constantly bringing him her toys and is now hoping he’ll figure out how to throw them to her. or at least play tug of war. unfortunately, ten ten’s favorite toys tend to be the crustiest and don’t make for the most stylish additions to incorporate into photos. also, i know that once yuu is more mobile a lot of these gross toys are sure to be put in his mouth!- to all of you out there with pets and babies, how is this prevented?? ;]

yuu loves

baths, singing along to radiohead and bob marley, apples, his family, riding around in the ergobaby carrier, admiring the hibiscus currently blooming in our neighborhood

yuu is not sure about

avocado, kabocha, people that aren’t familiar to him, carseats

yuu doesn’t like

when i suck snot out of his nose, when ten ten runs over his face by mistake

yuu has yet to learn how to

fall asleep on his own, sleep through the night

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