six months

06.22.2015 at 14:30

the past month has been no joke. akira severely tore his muscle during a soccer game and has been on crutches for the past couple weeks. then, i was out walking the dog on a stormy evening and debris flew into my eye from the strong winds. it swelled up so bad my eye was half shut so off to the doctor i went for an antibiotic steroid ointment! yuu was a trooper out and about with me for several hours getting it all sorted.

things are starting to calm down i hope?!

except, to be very honest, this motherhood gig never stops and that feels busy enough! at six months, things are pretty easy and predictable with yuu, but our house is still a complete mess. i still struggle to find time to take a shower. and, sometimes, it’s 5pm and i realize i haven’t even brushed my teeth (i know.. so gross). i tend to only post the cutest moments and mommy propaganda; so, thought it might be good to share some real details.

this post is turning out to be about all of us than just about yuu. ;]

on another note, this past weekend was just so nice though with akira’s birthday and father’s day. i can’t tell you how blessed i feel everyday having akira by my side- we celebrated at home and also at another close dad friend’s home with a cookout.

a very happy half birthday to our very happy little guy!