ten months

10.22.2015 at 14:35

it’s been a quiet, quick month. the weather is just starting to cool down and feel like fall over here. we are loving it!- lots of walks to a nearby field together for ten ten to chase her soccer ball, warm stews on our stovetop, we even roasted chestnuts this week!

yuu is understanding more and more of what’s around him and is great at expressing himself. he’s reading our words and gestures and figuring them out! it’s a cool time.

his current likes include

zucchini, eating cheerios all by himself, exploring all around our home, crawling into mommy and daddy’s bed every night at around 4 am, admiring the stop lights on our night time walk, spotting orange pumpkins, seeing and talking with other babies, tupperware

yuu isn’t sure about

sharing, mommy leaving the room without him, laying back to get a diaper change, changing his clothes, wearing shoes

akira and i aren’t necessarily super into halloween, but there’s not much cuter than a baby wearing a costume. enjoy! they were incredibly adorable to take.

yvonne-rock-photo-yuu-ten-months-panda-costume-soccer-ballyvonne-rock-photo-yuu-ten-months-panda-costume-explore-web yvonne-rock-photo-yuu-ten-months-panda-costume-hands-web